Living in a Christmas Card

snow collage


This weekend we received about two feet of snow and then today a few more inches were added!

I keep saying it is like living in a Christmas card since I never had a winter like this in Southern California. The funny thing is I actually am not at all bothered by all the snow, Sunday we went to the mall and yesterday walked down to do our grocery shopping and it was fine. The real key though is layers like today for my walk to the laundry room I had on tights, boot socks, pants, two tank tops, a sweater, beanie, gloves, scarf, boots and a winter coat!

Now I just need to convince Mr. H to make a snowman with me!

5 thoughts on “Living in a Christmas Card

  1. Very nice……… I am haviing rain ,rain,and more rain no real snow as yet….this keeps up we shall have a blizzard for sure……I love this time of year ,movies and sewing and knitttiing and baking hot cider and chc chip cookies yummmmmmmmm ….namaste

  2. How pretty!! We never get much snow here. When we get snow it is like an inch and the whole city shuts down (and I love it). I would love to go somewhere with lots of snow. Today it is 75 degrees.
    Also, you should totally make a snowman!!!!

  3. I adore your enthusiasm for the snow. I tend to forget how lovely it can be to have all four seasons (though Winnipeg winters are still too cold for my preferences). Thank you for reminding me! :)

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