Christmas Movie Countdown Craft

Seeing as it will just be the two of us this Christmas I have been trying to make it special lest the blues start to creep in. This is a craft I put together last Thursday and was a hit with Mr. H and I this weekend and has us looking forward to the weeks coming up!

Part one was collecting all of our holiday movies then getting as many items of candy as they were movies.

Next I lined out the movies in order I thought would be the best viewing order. They go Love Actually, The Holiday, Mixed Nuts,  the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special (my favorite show which I highly recommend watching), The Santa Clause, and finally The Grinch. These are just the holiday movies we had, I would have loved to include Home Alone but next year!

I tried to pair the candy with the theme of the movies or get one of Mr. H’s favorites, in this case it was a Santa candy for a Santa movie! I was going to get a nut chocolate bar for Mixed Nuts but decided I wanted a Daim one instead but you can see the theme idea could be really fun.

Next came the crafting part which is could be as easy as using some wrapping paper or going the way I did with stencils and rubber stamps. I have a ton of brown packing paper from an Amazon delivery so that was my base for wrapping up the movies and candy.

I wrapped each movie with their candy and tried to make it roomy so Mr. H would not be able to guess which was which!

Now they are all lined up on the bookcase waiting to be opened each week!

12 thoughts on “Christmas Movie Countdown Craft

  1. Very fun idea, I wish I would have this idea when rasing the kids…but then we did not have CD’s and all of the tech stuff…. but we did play our board games and eat lots of choc chip cookies and hot choc. Dan and I do movie’s ………………. I watch all the xmas one’s on nexflicks…..

  2. I love this! Making fun stuff for the holidays is a must, especially if it’s going to be a bit different than usual (like not with the whole family, etc.). I would add Elf to my viewing list. I LOVE that movie, and hope I’ll be able to see it before Christmas!

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