The Uncommon Index Card?

As you can imagine nursing school is full of terms and really just loads of information you have to memorize, like the pressure in your kidneys or some whacky shit like that. No seriously Mr. H tells me all these things he is learning and I am like I do not even understand the words you are saying but that is not to surprising since just the sight of blood makes me feel ill.

Anyways he had a big test a few weeks back and I kept telling him he needed to use index cards and finally we found some in town. I did not really think anything about how there were only a few in stock I just figured everyone was buying them up.

When Mr. H showed up to his study group with them people were amazed! Turns out they are not common in Sweden and everyone kept telling him how easy they made studying and how they were going to buy some right away.

When Mr. H told me I was so surprised because it seems to me index cards are so basic but who knew they were a cultural thing?!

So do you like to use index cards?


5 thoughts on “The Uncommon Index Card?

  1. I’m sure those are super useful for studying nursing notes. I don’t recall knowing about these back in the day when I did my first degree…although they would’ve been awesome to have! (With my degree now, Translation, there isn’t much studying. Just lots of, well, translating!)

  2. I used those too, during courses that included a lot of memorizing. Not so useful in other cases, in my opinion, but perfect for learning facts fast. But I made my own, cutting larger sheets of paper in pieces. Those on the picture are nice (and there aren’t to many kinds to chose from here), but at the time I was very careful with how I spent my money… :)

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