Mega Tea!

I have always been a tea lover, really long before I have had coffee I was drinking tea with a sugar cube and a dash of milk. When I was in college though, like most people I think, I became a coffee addict. So necessary for long study sessions but also quick and easy to take to school right!

Well times have changed again and now I really enjoy a cup of tea and savor the process of making a good cup. My preference is for either a rich Earl Grey or something soothing like chamomile depending on the time of day if I see some tea on sale I am more then likely to try it out.

Some have been winners like this four pack from Willy’s but some have either been weak and lack luster.

So I had to invent this:

Why yes that is three bags for one mug of tea!

I could just not stand the package of blue fruit tea sitting in the cupboard any longer so I got creative. I tried one bag in a small mug which was so-so, two in a medium mug with cream and sugar was better, so I went full hog and did three in our large mugs with cream and sugar which was just awesome!

Honestly though I am not sure if I found it so awesome because of the taste or the fact I had used three tea bags but either way it is just not economical to use three all the time so lesson learned that Lipton Blue Fruit Tea is only to be bought if they are giving it away!

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