Meals and Jazzed Up Rice

I hope you enjoyed my post yesterday, I love answering questions like that!

This week our meals are pretty simple but hopefully they will be tasty!

Monday – I had planned on Pork and Bean Stew but Mr. H was having an upset stomach so I did a simple pork and rice instead

Tuesday – Lamb Sausages, French Fries, Carrot Salad and Gravy

Wednesday – Easy Meat Curry with Rice – Joy of Cooking recipe I am going to try out

Thursday – Sweet and Sour Pork with Noodles

Friday – Meatball Subs and Salad

Saturday – Kassler and Potatoes au Gratin

Rice is a huge staple in house and while Mr. H could does not seem to tire of eating it with just some soy sauce and Sriracha I need to change it up a bit. One of my favorites is rice pilaf but that can be time consuming and tedious to make and I really only like Spanish rice if we are have burritos so I have been trying out some easier, faster and healthier options.

The rice pictured here was a real winner for both me and Mr. H and will be making an appearance again real soon. As you can see this time I served it alongside a marinated pork loin but I have also had it with leftover mince from tacos which was great too.

It is:

Jasmine Rice prepared per package directions

Shredded Carrots

Chopped Green Onions


Salladost – This is a cheese we can get in Sweden which translates into salad cheese, it is similar to feta but the EU has really tight guidelines on what can be called feta. It is made with cows milk which gives it a creamier texture then feta in my opinion and really completes the rice I think. If you live within the EU I would suggest using this type of cheese otherwise any soft crumbly cheese would be great I am sure!


2 thoughts on “Meals and Jazzed Up Rice

  1. Interesting that rice is such a staple at your house… Is that a European thing or just you? We never have rice unless I make stir fry. i have no idea why. I love that you plan your meals for the week. I do the same thing! It makes my life so much easier. I tend to make really easy things since I work and the hubs has school but its better than nothing!

    • I grew up eating tons of rice, my Swedish in laws usually eat it about once a week but their main starch is potatoes. I love rice though because it is so versatile, cheap, and with a few extras it makes keeps you full!

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