Fun Songs on It’s Ok Thursday!

I cannot believe it is already Thursday again!

Mr. H has been studying for a huge test that is tomorrow morning and our house has definitely had a pins and needles feeling all week but it has also made it go by fast.

This week it is ok that:

I am totally in love with the new Madness song My Girl 2, it will be played a lot in the next few days I think

I carried my phone around with me all day waiting for a time when it would be good to call my mom for her birthday and then forgot

I have already read two of the five library books I got on Monday

I have not painted my nails in weeks

All I want to do lately is work on my cross stitch projects

I have three emails from friends that have been sitting in my inbox unanswered

That I am secretly happy Mr. H did not have lunch to take to study group today so he has to come home early

I am jealous his study group has been making treats for the group and do not get any

That these cookies were burnt and completely wasted

What are you ok with this week?

5 thoughts on “Fun Songs on It’s Ok Thursday!

  1. well snow ,snow, snow……I am having coffee and it is snowing outside, Dan and I went early to laundry, thank you very much , it is so nasty oout I can’t see the mountains or the foothills. but i am cozy andgoing to watch some Hulu ……I am making steamed veggies and having nan bread.
    hugs to you both ….

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