A Perfect Match

If you have been reading this blog for a while you might have realized that Mr. H and I are major Scrabble fans.

We have a special journal that is just for Scrabble scores, which is so famous in my family my grandma sent me a new one for when this one is used up which will be in 30 games!

We started this book on December 12 of last year and  you can see Mr. H has won more games but I am making a comeback!

Ok and I feel the need to tell you this is Mr. H’s writing mine is much more feminine!

Well yesterday we were doing errands which included picking up some new school supplies for Mr. H and we came across these:

Our excitement level was through the roof then we found out they were on sale and basically we were getting two for less then the price of one originally and we could not get them to the check out counter fast enough!

Less then thirty minutes after getting home we had our mugs filled with coffee and ready to join us in a game of Scrabble!

The store also had some other Scrabble paraphernalia on sale which I am secretly hoping Mr. H goes back to get when he is in town today and surprises me with for Christmas!

If you want your own Scrabble mugs I found them on Amazon.co.uk!

What is your favorite board or card game for two?


11 thoughts on “A Perfect Match

  1. Have you tried playing the Swedish Scrabble; Alfabet? We have been meaning to buy it for some time and might this week. I was pretty excited to see that it is also different in that there are arrow tiles so that the words can bend…Oh the possibilities!

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