Meals on Monday – A Weekend Worthy Breakfast

 We normally have the normal Swedish breakfast of smörgås which are open face sandwiches with butter, cheese, and lunch meat and now with the colder weather Mr. H has been having oatmeal before school. This weekend Mr. H was in the mood for bacon though which evolved into us having some extra good breakfast!

On Saturday morning Mr. H was in charge and made himself an English fry up with bacon, eggs, baked beans (the British kind not the American ones for BBQ’s) and some tomato. I had a buttered piece of polar bread, which is a thick Swedish round bread, with cheese, bacon and a fried egg. Sunday morning when we woke up Mr. H could not could stop thinking about how good breakfast was on Saturday so we had bacon egg sandwiches again!

Monday – Spicy Marinated Pork Loin with Rice

Tuesday – Soft Tacos and Refried Beans

Wednesday – Chili con Carne with Tortilla Chips

Thursday – Baked Potato Soup

Friday – Chili Dogs and French Fries – Mr. H requested this to celebrate the giant test he has Friday morning!

Saturday – Something with either lamb sausage, pork shoulder, or stew meat since that is what is in the freezer!


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