Sweets and Coffee or Fika!

In our house we live in this balance of American and Swedish customs and cultural norms that works for us but might be confusing to an outsider. One of the Swedish norms that we have fully integrated into our routine is fika.

Fika is a word that encompasses the act of taking a break from life each day and sitting down with friends/co workers/classmates/family members and having a beverage and snack. The most common iteration is coffee and a pastry which is where the kanebullar (cinnamon bun) really shines.

The key thing about fika beyond the food aspect is the communication that takes place during it. At my in laws it is a time when everyone no matter the age will gather round and partake in lively discussion, at a workplace it is when you can get to know your co workers a little better, at school it is when you can get clarification on a problem and joke with classmates. In our house it is where Mr. H and I discuss plans and what is going on in our lives and we often add the element of card playing to ours.

As a non Swede you may be thinking it sounds a bit odd but in Sweden it is a highly regarded part of the day which you can look forward too and then feel rejuvenated afterwards.

The integral part of it though is the word break which accompanies fika, as it is a break from life not a part of the busyness but a break.

So I encourage you this weekend to take a page from the Swedes and have a fika break with a someone close and enjoy life!


7 thoughts on “Sweets and Coffee or Fika!

  1. I love this, You know I will share this with you….My Grand parents, this would be your Great,great’s, Great Grandpa Zee’s parents…..when I was living with them way before your Grandmother was born. This was what they did every afternoon Popa would get the mail and news paper and Grandma woulf put the card table up in the living room, put a fresh table cloth , one she had made . Fix coffe put out her best , and cookies and we would sit and have chats and she would humm and popa would read the mail and news paper ..yep in Arminian ,guss that is part of how I learned to sppeak the language…now forgotten…I love to do this now and I sit and remember the love from them ,I can still vision her and him today.This is how I got my start drinking coffee……LOL I lived a short time with them,this was during the war and my Dad and Mom were traveling to place to place , life had lots of uncertainties then.

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