Blue, Brown, and Black It’s Ok Thursday!

It is ok that:

I just the bedroom door so Mr.H will keep sleeping and not bug me while I am blogging

I am wearing blue leggings with black boot socks and brown boots to do the laundry

Halloween made me homesick yesterday and I cried but blamed it on something else

I talked all day about the picture of my hair

I am a bit nervous Mr. H has 5 days off school and is going to mess up my routine

I am totally scared of slipping on the snow so have not left the house since Monday afternoon

I takeĀ ridiculous pictures of food like this:

So what is ok with you this Thursday?


7 thoughts on “Blue, Brown, and Black It’s Ok Thursday!

  1. I always feel frumpy when I do my laundry… because I’m normally in my last pair of pj pants and shirt (that’s pretty much only worn when I need to do laundry once a week). If I lived in my own house, I wouldn’t care so much… but we live in an apartment so I’m walking around in front of everyone with pj’s on. At least I’m not at WalMart!

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