The Grand Finale – October Photo Challenge

Alright so I fell of the bandwagon with my October Photography Challenge a bit but here is the grand finale!

My grandparents have been sending me used books, and I especially love the old copies. It is so fun to imagine who originally bought the book, this one has a printing date of 1963, and how many other people have read it since then. On the cover it has a price of $0.45 and looking online the going rate for this edition is now $1.00!

This is the hardest spot of the house to keep organized, I mean who wants to sit and organize shoes all the time? We really need to get a shoe rack so they at least can be put on something because this is starting to drive me crazy! As a note to this our shoes are by the front door because in Sweden you do not wear your shoes inside, even if it is the first time you have ever been so someones house you have to take them off. It has lead to many interesting discussions on cultural differences since I would never ever think of taking my shoes of in American if it was the first time I was at your house!

These are my new boots and I am really hoping they will work for the winter and keep my feet toasty!

I found out you could do this on goodreads in I think April and added all the books I could remember reading thus far and have been working away on since and I am almost to my goal. I am around 80% sure I will make it but it is really fun to see the books being counted this way and Mr. H is now so excited when I finish a book because he loves a good challenge!

Lastly was a self portrait to bring it full circle. I took this with the self timer in my living room. I have been really curious as to what my hair looks like from the back and then I could just not resist swinging it all around! So growing up my hair was straight as paper and now you can see it has gotten (probably not the right word grammatically but that is just to bad) wavy if I let it air dry which I love. Also that light patch on the top is not the sun or something shining on it but the result if a wonky dye job, since you know I am always keeping it classy like that!

Hope you liked my October pictures and I might be doing the whole NaBloPoMo blogging everyday in November thing if I can find some accountability buddies!

 O yeah and Happy Halloween!!


6 thoughts on “The Grand Finale – October Photo Challenge

  1. Well done!! I have to say I really enjoy your photos….how do you get them to look that way? Is it instagram or an editing program?

    The “old” is my favourite in this series :)

  2. Congratulations for completing the challenge! It is no easy feat! I love your idea for the self-portrait. Totally creative. Because your hair is naturally a bit wavy, have you ever tried helping it curl by twirling it around your finger as it’s air drying? I have a friend who discovered that her wavy hair would have the most beautiful soft curls if she helped it a little.

    • Thank you! Yes my hair responds very well to finger curling! If I am not careful I will end up with extra curly parts in the front from just wrapping my hair around my finger without realizing it!

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