Friday and Opposites (by the way it is Friday!!!!!!!)

This is how excited I am that it is Friday!

No, since Sunday I have been waiting for today because for dinner tonight we are making hot wings and pizza. Along with the hot wings and pizza we are drinking beer and playing cards which to me is the perfect cure for an October snow day!

You see on Wednesday it looked like this:

It was a perfect crisp fall day and walking back from the laundry room the sun was shining down on me.

Come to Friday and it looks like this outside:

Since I took this picture there is way more snow but it is wayyyyyy to cold to just go out for pictures!!

I do however wish I was a kid so I could just go stomp in the new snow and leave footprints!

Have a happy and merry weekend unless yours is going to be all nice and warm weather then booo on you!!!

Just kidding!!


8 thoughts on “Friday and Opposites (by the way it is Friday!!!!!!!)

  1. burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, we are getting the cold weather now, our foothills are dusted with snow.
    The leaves are red and yellow, the geese are comiing down from the north…..I do love this time of year, I have all the pumpkins out and my fall door decoration hung……yep I am getting in the mood to create goodies …and made some pumpkin bread already. oxoxoxoxo

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