Monday, Monday, Monday

With normal life I have been feeling on top, reading some great books, starting new projects and learning new skills. I think we can all agree though that over here things have been less then on top!

I am going to try and get back on track but I think all bloggers know the feeling!

All righty enough of that how about some meals and after that is an October Photo Catch Up!!

This past week we have had quite a few fika’s with coffee and cinnamon buns, a spaghetti casserole made from leftovers, and curried parsnip soup with cheesy bread.

Also those mugs Mr. H had before he met me and I love using them in October because I think they look like ghost faces!

This week I have tweaked our normal schedule a bit so Mr. H will have warm leftovers for lunches at school.

Monday – Beef Burritos with Spanish Rice

Tuesday – Bangers and Mash with Red Onion Gravy

Wednesday – Chicken Stir Fry

Thursday – Minestrone Soup with Grillers (Bread toasted in oven with cheese and lunch meat)

Friday – Pizza and Hot Wings per Mr. H’s request

Saturday – Beef Stroganoff

We have been experiencing quite a bit of nature on walks and hikes lately but with this weather I am fine not seeing nature close up!

So this one was tricky but the banner next to the arrow came here via air mail! My aunt made it and I am so in love with it and am going to be sad when it comes down, luckily though she made me a Christmas one too!

Ok honestly I think this qualifies since the can in the back is out of focus but I am not 100% sure!


3 thoughts on “Monday, Monday, Monday

  1. I would really like that meal please. So delicious! And I love the Halloween banner!!! Also interested in whatever is in that can, I love the brewer’s name being on there. And I *think* bokeh is when you get those orbs or light from light being out of focus, but I honestly have no idea.

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