Study Study – Oct. Photo Challenge #12


As of last night these are our new kitchen decorations which are making me so happy. One because they match my Halloween decorations so well and two it is a great visualization of how Mr. H is progressing in his nursing school journey.

Over the past three years there has been much talking, debating, and stress for us to get to this point with Mr. H in nursing school and to see it working out so well is like a giant hug and a cup of hot cocoa. You see nursing school was not always what we were thinking, o no before realizing how perfect it would suit him we came up with some crazy ideas like:

Going to school in Massachusetts to be a German teacher (German is one of the 5 languages Mr. H has a grasp of)

Going to school in Seattle in Scandinavian Studies to be a language teacher

Going to school in Oregon for something I cannot remember now

Going to school to do computer forensics 

Going to school to be a computer programmer

Becoming a real estate agent

Those are just the ones I can remember and the thing is each of those was researched in depth and for about a week or two depending on which one we would totally be for it. Then reality would set in and it would be on to the next thing.

Nursing was always on the back burner but after working 5 or so years in elderly care Mr. H was afraid he would not experience anything else and was going for the safe option. After talking to various people in the health care profession though it was clear it would be the right path for him and now he is waking up everyday eager to learn and coming home happy to study for hours.

While the next three years with him in school will have rough spots I know it will all be worth it for him to be so happy and be pursuing his dreams will make our life together that much better!


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