That Nasty Cup Word – October Photo Challenge – #9


As with most people most things in my house are right side up, so this morning I was wracking my brain for what to do and I thought ahh the cups. So I took a bunch of pictures in the cupboard uploaded them on the computer and realized cups in a cupboard are quite boring. Trusty picmonkey to the rescue though and now the cups look like fun!

In that paragraph I used the word cup three times because I cannot say it out loud in my house. I think most people have words they hate like moist or vulva but funnily enough the word Mr. H cannot stand is cups. He has a total aversion to it and if I say it he gets this nails on a chalkboard look that is hilarious! The aversion is not just confined to the word cup but words that have cup in them, English or Swedish. The other day he came home from school saying how one teacher was really annoying and kept saying something along the lines of “learning is fun” and when he said it Swedish I started laughing because one of the words sounded like cup and that was why he was annoyed for the whole class!


5 thoughts on “That Nasty Cup Word – October Photo Challenge – #9

  1. hehe!! Too funny. (About Mr. H not liking the word cup). I guess we all have a word or two that makes us cringe though. That is one cool picture! Very original. Now I’m on the hunt for something fun and original for the photo challenge today…

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