October Photography Challenge – Day 5 – Sunset

Truth be told I took this picture yesterday. I wanted to make sure I was able to catch a sunset so all week I have been on the lookout since the weather is really turning right now and quite a few nights just came in with rain this week.

Another reason I took the opportunity to take it last night is that I was not sure what we would be doing tonight and with the sun already setting so early, 6:07 PM tonight, it is easy to get caught up with dinner and miss it all together.

I checked on the weather app and by the 14th we will have our sunset at 5:38 PM, I am not to bothered by this but it is a change from Newport Beach where the sunset will be at 6:18 PM on the 14th. I also looked up the sunsets for December and the time gets as early as 2:18 PM! The earliest I found for the LA area was 4:47 PM!

All of these little things are what I love so much though about moving, it makes you experience life in new ways and you can learn to appreciate new things.


5 thoughts on “October Photography Challenge – Day 5 – Sunset

  1. The sun will set at 2:18 in December?? I would have a nervous break down. I HATE when the sun sets early (makes it hard to go for evening runs…) So then when will the run rise? like 2am??

  2. Yes, it makes a big difference. When the sun sets at 4.47 pm in LA, it rises before even so they still get almost ten hours of sunlight. In Uppsala it gets down to less than five hours of light. But I love the large differences between winter and summer here!

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