October Photography Challenge – Day Two – Fashion

This morning I woke up wondering what in the heck Mr. H was doing talking to his alarm, then he jumped out of bed and told me it was a surprise. You can see how this led me to be even more confused so while I was laying there trying to decide if my husband had lost it or not I heard hem leave the house. At this point I finally figured it out my new pants from Forever 21 had arrived!

Our new building you have to have a key fob to enter so the poor UPS guy was standing out in the freezing cold waiting for Mr. H to go down and meet him since our link to the buzzer is not set up yet! These Swedish UPS guys are not messing around though since it was 7:45 AM this all happened!!!

When I tried to take some pictures of me in my new pants the camera was being crazy and kept making me look ghostly!

I bought two pairs of the denim jeggings, which I could not find on either the EU or US site now, in size 14. The size is perfect since I expect them to shrink a bit in the wash and the jegging aspect of them is perfect for when you are going to have to pile on tons of winter clothes. I hate having bulky under layers when going out in winter requires boot socks, pants, undershirt, shirt, sweater, puffy winter coat, scarf, hat, and then boots, having smooth pants under all of that is so much better!


2 thoughts on “October Photography Challenge – Day Two – Fashion

  1. You have a really cool blog layout. By the way, you should turn the Forever 21 bag over and check out the bible verse at the bottom of it. I noticed it today and thought it was really weird, so I wrote a whole blog post about it!

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