How Do You Fall Asleep?

Since our move it seems that each night I get in bed and either talk with Mr. H for a bit or read, well most nights both because reading in bed is one of life’s great pleasures, and then I think my eyelids are heavy and head sleepy. So the lights go out and Mr. H is quietly snoring next to me and then I am wide awake. More awake then I was when I woke up that morning, more awake then after the strong coffee I drank for breakfast, just awake awake awake.

This is of course the time when crazy thoughts start to creep in, and by crazy I do not mean like I hear voices (OMG if I did hear a voice like someone coming into the house that would be some scary shit) but things like I wonder where we will live when Mr. H is done with school and I wonder exactly when my best friend will have her baby. I cannot control any of those things so they wear on me so I think to myself stop crazy thinking lets be practical, which does not help because planning our next weeks meals while staring at the ceiling around midnight just adds to being more awake.

These goes on for what feels like ages before I am so frustrated that I am now thinking about what kind of job my now 11 yr old brother will have when he is done with college I just want to get up and scream.

I do not though I try a few things, one is praying and while you will be hard pressed to get me to talk about my personal religious beliefs just know I am doing some general praying and be happy, the next is counting backwards from 100 which I read about on a blog and it actually is quite relaxing, after that I figure hell with it I am going to think about whatever I want.

The great thing is though it seems all of a sudden I am waking up in the morning not knowing which thing it was that put me to sleep but I would like to have it happen a bit easier. For as long as I can remember I have had trouble sleeping in new places so I am sure this will past soon but if you have sleeping issues what do you do?


4 thoughts on “How Do You Fall Asleep?

  1. There are a number of things I try to do when I am having trouble sleeping. I will try melatonin to reset my sleep schedule if it has been a few days of horrid sleeps…but only for 1-3 days . I don’t do it longer as it sorta messes you up. I also usually put on some sort of soothing music that brings me to a calm place ( I love Jeff Buckley’s Halleluiah) or some sort of white noise/waves/rain, etc from an iphone app (my favourite is one called sleep pillow). They just tend to lull me into sleep and stop my mind from going off. lol.

  2. Unfortunately melatonin isn’t really an option here, you need a prescription to get melatonin in Sweden, and it is usually not given to young people. It is for short term sleeping problems for 55+.

    But a method often recommended is to stay up late, I mean really late, until you really feel the need to sleep, then try to sleep, but make sure you still go up at your regular time. This will naturally make you tired the next day, and you will soon fall asleep when you go to bed (late). Then you go to bed earlier and earlier, maybe an hour earlier ever day untl you are sleeping “normally” (whatever is normal for you) again. It’s a bit tough for a few days but then it get’s much better!

    Also, one of the first things recommended is to not to anything but sleep in bed! Maybe also, well, you know, but no reading, eating, watching tv or whatever. You teach your brain that going to bed = going to sleep.

    And don’t go to bed hungry. Eat something in the evening if you are a little hungry. Nothing heavy, but something. And keep the temperature down, the bedroom shouldn’t be too war, that isn’t good for sleeping.

    Hope you fall asleep easier soon!

  3. …in the last 6months I’ve had horrible times shutting down my brain and being able to sleep. For me this spring it also happened to happen when we were moving to 24hour daylight (not a fun time for sleep). I feel your pain.

    What did I do?
    * I limited my caffeine intake… (for me this was chocolate, pop, tea not a coffee drinker)…
    * I took a hot bath/shower before bed.
    * I tried to get fresh air during the day- a 30min walk… or exercise.
    * Stopped watching tv at least 30mins before I went to bed; and shut down my computer too…

    ….I also used melatonin, only for a few days… to reset my sleep schedule. It wasn’t available where I lived so I had a friend mail me some from down south.

    I really hope you start sleeping again in your new home! :)

  4. Ugh, I feel your pain!!! I have a whole list of things that I do, but sometimes even this isn’t enough. A bowl of oatmeal and a hot bath help. As does exercise, sex, and reading. But these all have to be done earlier in the evening, obviously. Not like, get out of bed at 2 am, have sex and run three laps around town and then have a hot bath. When it’s too late to do any of the above I gently make a humming noise in my head to clear the thoughts. Sort of like an “oooooohhhhmmmmmmmm”. Surprisingly useful.

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