Meals on Monday – Late due to Earaches


I hope your last week of September started out good! I have had an earache which I do not think I have had since I was a kid and I am glad because it has been such a pain but has resulted in Mr. H making me dinner and doing the dishes so I guess there really is a bright side to everything!

Sunday – Asian Pork with Rice

Monday – Spaghetti Noodles with Bacon and Cream Sauce via Mr. H

Tuesday – Pork Burritos

Wednesday – Salmon Burgers with Lemon Pasta

Thursday – Lentil, Potato, and Sausage Soup

Friday – Sloppy Joes

Saturday – Sausage Hoagies with Grilled Pepper and Onions

This is the pasta Mr. H made for dinner and while being so good it was also so easy. It is funny because I love cooking and spend so much time coming up with new recipes and always try for balanced meals and then when Mr. H is in charge he just goes with what sounds good and it was perfect!


Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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