Putting a Smile on My Face with Music

This morning whilst doing the dishes I was listening to a classical music station broadcasting from the UK and the DJ said the above line when he came on and it has been stuck in my head ever since. Side note to that do you listen to the music when doing the dishes? Or maybe you have one of those fancy things I think are called dishwashers, no seriously though if you are not lucky enough to have the lastest in home appliances listening to music makes doing the dishes so much better!

Sans Fusils, Ni Souliers, à Paris: Martha Wainwright’s Piaf Record

I have been playing this all week and surprisingly even Mr. H is liking it! It is perfect for the grey skies and rain we have been having this week, I highly suggest listening to it with a cup of coffee and some candles lit, or actually wine would be great but it is Sunday so I cannot buy wine so coffee will have to do!

Ages ago I worked in an office, where my office was in the back with a door so I could listen to online radio and not disturb anyone and I got really into listening to NPR and specifically All Songs Considered. Then I moved and changed jobs and forgot about it along the way, so a few weeks ago when I downloaded a new radio app and stumbled across an All Songs Considered podcast I fell back in love. It has been great having english (the language not the people) radio on in the morning when I am home alone, the interaction is different then watching TV or movies since it is not scripted. I have found it mentally stimulating which is great since right now the only person I have to talk to is Mr. H and even your native language needs to be challenged to keep it fresh. In addition to that I have found some great new music to explore.


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