Bookcase Breakdown

Hello, here is the breakdown of our totally affordable and easy bookcases!

This is a pure IKEA creation which means you, wherever you are, can do it and afford it!

Billy Bookcase in white: $69.99/ 395 kr *

Benno DVD/CD Tower in white: $39.99 /249 kr *

Total: $299.94 + tax / 1786 kr

We started with two Benno DVD towers. This is how it looked with just two:

I think the key point to these is decorating them. I mean I am no professional decorator but if you compare the picture above with the one below you can see how added knick-knacks and basically filling out the shelves elevates them above basic white IKEA bookcases.

I am constantly changing the shelves, with the addition of new books (thanks Pal and Grandma!), seasons, and things from the china cabinet. I like that it is a permanent place in the house but with a few tweaks it can be refreshed.

And yes on the top right shelf there is a picture of James Hetfield, I am sure you can guess which family member contributed that piece to the bookshelves!

*Prices per and


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