My Always Knowing Grandparents

I feel like I have been a roll lately with blogging so I wanted to do a post today to keep up the mojo. However this is lurking behind me.

So yeah there is some reality in blogging huh!!!

But this came yesterday so I am focusing on that while I get these chores done!

Love is not even a good enough word for what I feel towards these care packages from my grandparents. What is also spooky is how the will always send me something I have been wanting but not told anyone.

Since we started Monday Breakfast for Dinner I have been wanting some syrup, not the fancy stuff just normal old American style syrup. I did not even tell Mr. H I have been looking for it and then this package came with a bottle of it. So I guess my grandparents have some sort of physic connection with me!


Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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