The Comings and Goings As Of Late

Not sure about you but I love a round up of pictures post!

These were on special at the store last week and each night when we had one with our TV watching I felt so fancy!

Back in July we went to a store that sells American and British food and I was overwhelmed with what to get and for some reason I got really excited over the normal yellow French’s mustard. Then I was nervous about wasting and waited till September to use it!

I took this picture of Mr. H the other day and every time I see it I want to say “my what long legs you have” like Little Red Riding Hood to the wolf!

While I sadly am not privy to an abundance of pumpkin flavored treats (or candy corns which makes me even sadder) come fall we can get some good Octoberfest beer!

We recently played Monopoly and to say I lost would be an understatement, if it was real life I would have been a hobo with a handkerchief on a stick!

Someone was however quite thrilled with their win!


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