Writers Block and Other Ok Things

This is perfect for today, as you will see below since It’s Ok:

That I have started tons of detailed posts this week and then abandoned them. Honestly the all seemed so daunting, this is however easy and making me happy.

That the first productive thing I did was not till 11:30, I need to remember to not be guilty for being at home.

That I am totally freaked out that the fact my neighbors black cat might get into my house, I am super allergic so I am just sure it is going to come and torture me.

That I did not condition my hair this morning because I was sure the mailman with my packages would come while I was in the shower so I tried to do it super fast.

That Mr. H drew these on my arms this morning while trying to avoid leaving for school.

That the milk in the fridge expired on the 10th but I used it yesterday.

and that is all I can muster today, damn writers block huh


4 thoughts on “Writers Block and Other Ok Things

  1. Love the drawing. :) Don’t feel bad about getting nothing productive done until 11:30. My husband works nights and sleeps in late, then goes to work at 2pm, so I don’t get anything too productive done until after that because I’m trying not to make too much noise and wake him up. haha.

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