Meals on Monday – What is in that sausage?

This week I am trying to get in any lingering summer dishes I am craving since the weather up here is for sure in full on autumn mode. Those are mainly the pasta and taco salad which just do not appeal to me as much once the cold weather sets in.

Sunday – Pork Goulash

Monday – Dill Scramblers with Pita Bread and Lamb Sausage

Tuesday – Grilled Ham Sandwiches with Pasta Salad

Wednesday – Taco Salad

Thursday – Chili Bean Soup

Friday – Bacon Cheeseburgers with French Fries

Saturday – Veal Chops with Potatoes, Gravy, and some sort of veggie

Now for what is in that sausage?

Yesterday Mr. H came back from the market with this and said it is made with _______ meat. Without google translating can you guess what kind of meat it is?


5 thoughts on “Meals on Monday – What is in that sausage?

  1. Since I’m swedish I’ll leave the guessing for others. But my favorite is Gustafskorv, another sausage made from the same animal. Actually, when thinking of it, that animal is almost always eaten on sandviches, I don’t know why.

    But I take it from this post that you find it strange to eat it, right? Don’t you do that in the US? Never? It’s really good, as you may have found out by now! :)

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