Our New Place: The Updated Version

Sometimes I get a little excited about things and sometimes I am not so good about dates, so those two things combined and I did my house tour post a week early for the link up. So I was all like go over to Navigating the Mothership and see other people’s houses and they were not there and then I felt lame so I did not say anything for a week!

It worked out ok though because since I originally wrote this post we have added a some new stuff! Also if you commented on the first post about our bookcases I am going to do a separate write up about those as I have gotten questions about them in the past too!

I also should mention that our apartment is in a student housing building; so all of our neighbors are students and we get some special things like free internet, electricity and rent in June and July!

I am excited to share our new place, when we first came and walked into the place empty and tired after our overnight train trip we were a little deflated. Now however with all of our old stuff and some fun new things this is my favorite place we have lived so far!

The above picture is what you see when you walk in the front door.

The bathroom is to the left when you walk in, I love this because it is far away from the living room. In our old place the bathroom seemed really exposed and of all places I want some privacy in the bathroom! The other thing I love about our new bathroom is the window, a windowless bathroom like our old one is just not a good thing!

To the right of the front door is what I think is Mr. H’s favorite part of the new apartment, this walk in closet. It is nice to have all of our clothes in one place but with my shortness I can barely reach the tall bars!

Further along the hallway on the left is our bedroom. It is a giant room considering the bed is a California king and we have ample room to move around and have our nightstands.

Once again a little further along the hallway on the right is the kitchen. I am in serious heavenly love with this kitchen. It is over half the size of the studio we rented in California! I keep calling it a house kitchen because there is just so much space. We are even going to get a table to set up as a desk area so Mr. H can study and it will not even be in touching distance to the stove! Ahh I think I should go hug it now! ;)

Capping off the apartment is our living room. This is the view standing from the far left corner. I am still working on getting the bookcase the way I want it but that might take me weeks!

This is the view from the bottom right corner. On the far side we have it set up as a dining area which is great because either side of the table has a view out the windows!

These are some of the small details by the dining area!

Our new addition is a desk, that we put into the empty space pictured in the kitchen. We originally wanted a work space for Mr. H so if he was doing schoolwork he would not have to be moving it off the kitchen table all the time. Then when we moved in we realized the kitchen was perfect and now it is competing for my favorite spot! I think since I do not have to do any studying I like it best!

Well that is what we have done with our 743 square feet!

Hope you liked the tour and to see the insides of more houses go over and check out the house tour Laura at Navigating the Mothership has put together!


13 thoughts on “Our New Place: The Updated Version

  1. It’s looking awesome.. you are definitely doing better than me! I would like to come live in that bathroom, it’s my favorite! I love the little pops of color in there!

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