What did the daddy tomato say to his son?

Catch Up!

-This past week feels like I have caught up on laughing, breathing, sleeping, and being in love with my husband. It is funny sometimes you do not even know you have been in zombie land till is passes and the world is cheery again. This summer well really since May has had some bright spots but most of it was spent waiting for the other shoe to drop. Would Mr. H get into school, when would we move, how would we move, do we really want to spend 15 hours on a train? All those things plus the normal life ones like where the hell is our money and why do periods suck so much just seemed to crowd around us leaving no time for a deep belly laugh and a cuddle. But like I said it is all rushing back in now with immense stomach aching laughs and movie nights galore, also extra cute and amazing declarations of love from Mr. H after being at school with a bunch of 19 yr old girls, and I think life is back on the good side.

– Starting school was always a big deal in my house growing up, so on Monday when Mr. H started school I was just a little excited. I mean he is now in nursing school which is awesome. Anyways I made him pose for pictures which you can see in his face he thought was silly but also liked.

– OMG how good is coffee! No seriously for about the past year I have been on a tea kick and the thought of a big cup of coffee in the morning sounded totally gross but ever since we have moved up north I have had no taste for tea and been drinking coffee like crazy.

– This is part of our new view and I am totally captivated by this house. They always have fires going and at night you can see their giant TV through those windows almost good enough to watch what they are watching which I love because I am super nosy.

– I now have ombre bangs, well really they are just crazy but calling them ombre makes me cool right?

Yep that is not just shadow or the flash my bangs are really that two toned color in real life!


4 thoughts on “What did the daddy tomato say to his son?

  1. I love the first day of school pics :) so cute! As are the ombre bangs! I am dying for that hair streak I told you about but I’m too cheap to try it on my own! I had my own funk-ish time this past week so I am glad to hear it’s not just me… it happens. Love it when you “catch up”!

  2. Hummmmmm , this is so good, I love new starts in life……I have to say only been in the last 3or4 years I have lost the magic feeling about school starting, seemed like I always get that warm fuzzy feeling the kids goinig back to scool and bakiing choc chip cookies and new school clothes …..what a joyful time in your life “right now!” lv and hugs to both of you ,Great Auntie Charlene

  3. Cheers to not being a zombie! I’m glad you described it like that because that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m glad you got back to enjoying each other, it’s such a sigh of relief when things finally settle down.

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