Meals on Monday – The Mr. H Plan

In Sweden it is traditional to eat soup on Thursday’s, Something Swedish has a great post on the tradition, and all of a sudden yesterday Mr. H decided we should start up on it. I was totally gung-ho because I love soup and would eat it all the time and it can be so cheap to make, well the soup on Thursday’s snowballed and now we are going to try theme nights.

For now it looks like this:

Sunday – Sunday Roast Night – Encompasses dishes like roasts, chicken pot pie and beef stew, it is meant to be a nice dinner with no TV and eaten in the late afternoon. This is the one we had this Sunday which featured roast chicken, gravy, rice, and glazed carrots.

Monday – Breakfast for Dinner – This one is pretty self explanatory but for my Swedish readers it does mean more then sandwiches! This is an example from last week which had beans, scrambled eggs, cheesy bread, and sausage (falukorv).

Tuesday – Pasta/Potato/Rice Day – Basically the main component of the dish will be one of those because they are cheap!

Wednesday – Mexican Food – Mr. H would eat it everyday if I made it so it made sense to make it at least once a week!

Thursday – Soup Day

Friday – Fun Friday – This is something we already do and I think I have blogged about but it is basically a meal like pizza or chili cheese dogs that is eaten with a beer alongside and celebrates the weekend.

Saturday – Random Day – This will be something like leftovers, a meal we have been craving, or if something is on special at the market!

I am really looking forward to see how this works out and found it made meal planning this week so easy!

Sunday – Roast Chicken Meal featured above

Monday – Skillet Eggs and Tomatoes, Sausage, and Mini Baguettes

Tuesday – Stroganoff and Cucumber Salad

Wednesday – Beef Enchiladas with a Salad

Thursday – Baked Potato Soup and Mini Baguettes

Friday – At Home Pizza

Saturday – ?


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