Packing Obsessed and Other Ok Things

Moving seems to have taken over everything but life is always ready for things being ok!

So this week It’s Ok:

To want to hide behind a book instead of pack

To not clean the house because boxes are everywhere imaginable

To want to scream due to the aaforementioned boxes being everywhere

(yes we have tons of suitcases for two people and yes they are full of stuff)

To wear black yoga pants all week

To go to the store and include soda and chocolate in dinner plans

To be grumpy because your husband wants to cook dinner and you just want pizza

To be obsessed with the Classify app on Spotify (be our Spotify friend, our username is Hemboll)

To just put things on the bookshelf and hope Mr. H puts it in one of those boxes while I am “busy”

That I hid when Mr. H’s friend came over last night

That I had bread and cheese for breakfast and then am going to have soup with cheesy bread for lunch, cheese and bread for the win!


4 thoughts on “Packing Obsessed and Other Ok Things

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