Current Life at the Hemborg’s

It seems we have fallen into the hole of packing.

This is just one of Mr. H’s tower of boxes, now it has three boxes in front and two on the sides. The crazy thing about packing is while you are in one way organizing it makes the house seem a mess!

With all the packing and the humidity we have had the windows open into the late night and without screens lots of critters seemed to have found their way in. I ended up with these giant bites on my thigh looking like big eyes! The got even bigger then this and were all swollen which alarmed Mr. H so he went to the pharmacy and bought me some new stuff which while a little stinky works great and faster then the cortizone cream was. Not sure if you can buy it everywhere but it is called After Bite and is a white pen thing.

On Saturday we went to our favorite restaurant in Angelholm, Torstens, to a sorta farewell dinner to the town. It was delicious and along with a bottle of wine and a warm summer night I am so happy we took the time and money to do it.

Now it feels like we are in major limbo with over 80% of the apartment packed and our 14 hour train ride planned. No seriously we are taking a 14 hour train ride to get to Sundsvall, it will be three trips put together and even over night! As my 11 yr old brother put it “It is like you are going to be on one of those trains you see in a murder mystery thing!”


4 thoughts on “Current Life at the Hemborg’s

  1. GAHHH boxes are never fun!! But moving will be great once you get in and unpacked. ALSO… those bites are SCARY yo! And my dad brought us up SWEARING by After Bite, seriously any bug bite we had got After Bite on it. He had a million of those pen things in our house and garage lol. THanks for bringing me a great memory I had forgotten about :)

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