Meals on Monday – Eat All The Food!

Since this is our last week in the apartment we have one kinda meal plan: EAT ALL THE FOOD!


We did buy a few things but they were honestly geared to using up stuff we have. So far we have had Sloppy Joes to use up BBQ and Worcester sauce, tacos to use up hot sauce, and rice and chicken to use up gravy!

Mr. H has never seen a hot sauce he did not want to try so we have four in the fridge right now that are in various states of half used so he has decidede the rest of the week is Mexican themed. I on the other hand am rather fond of the coupons we have for Sibylla, the best Swedish hamburger chain, so we will see who wins.

Now for a random story!

When we moved into our place I was opening everything up and in one cupboard was a whole set of dishes. I was a bit befuddled so we called the girl we were subletting for and she was like “O yeah I do not want them you can have them”. Umm ok a bit weird and if we liked them I would be stoked but they were black octagon shaped dishes. They looked straight out of 1987 and well we already have two sets of dishes that are not ugly. Since she moved far away though we just put them in a cupboard I could not reach and therefore not usable and forget about them.

Well till this week that is, when I had a genius idea. We could pack all our dishes which takes forever ahead of time and use the funky black ones till we move and then just leave them in the apartment!

See they are seriously not cute! Also they cannot decide if they are plates or bowls so you are constantly scooping your food up the sides!

What kind of weird things have you found when you moved?


4 thoughts on “Meals on Monday – Eat All The Food!

  1. I love dishes……I buy all kinds and colors an serve my meals on a diff dish or bowl…it is a fedish with me…. LOL so I sent your package off to Grandma Joa, and she is sending you a package at the end of the month so my stuff is hitching a ride to your new place…hope you enjoy oxoxoxxo Great A Charlene namaste oxoxoxo

  2. HAHA yeah those are so random, but glad you had those dishes available! And we wasted SO many condiments with our last move… wish we had thought that through!

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