With Big Change Comes Small Change

With all the changes going on I decided that the blog needed some changes too.

One big one I did awhile back but did not mention it at the time since I was not ready to talk about it was taking away the “Expat in Training” part of the blog title away. The longer we live in Sweden the more it is clear I am not an expat but an immigrant and it just felt like it was time to be honest to myself everywhere.

photo by Hanssie Trainor edited by me

What is funny is that if you look up each word the definitions are not that different and honestly going by that expat seems much harsher but in today’s society they have very different connotations. When we were getting ready to move I was fascinated by being “an expat”, I am not sure what I thought it would mean but it seemed so fancy and mysterious. People would go around saying “O did you see Bailie the expat is here” or something and want to invite me to every party. The reality is though I am an immigrant, a foreigner trying to find my place in a place of crazy language and rules I am expected to know and follow but have never heard of.

My family history is chock o box full of immigration and emigration and as I come to embrace my immigrant status I feel so much comfort in looking back and seeing the families and lives they grew out of a new place.

photo by Hanssie Trainor

The other more noticeable one is I changed the theme of the blog! Now we do not have money for fancy custom ones but I think this free wordpress one is pretty cute!

I have also started participating in some link ups, I never really have been into them before but I am finding it really fun!


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