Meals on Monday: Cookbook Love Part 2

This is actually going up on Monday I cannot believe it!

Sunday – Creamy Corn Soup with Chicken

Monday  – Rogan Josh – Lamb Stew

Tuesday – Chicken Ramen

Wednesday – Ham and Mac Bake – for the Swedish readers I am using Kassler

Thursday – Ham and Cheese Strata – Normally for brunch but who cares!

Friday – Leftovers

Last week I talked about Joy of Cooking and how it is like a text book for at home cooks and this week I am going to introduce you to the opposite of that!

Last year in one of my Amazon window shopping extravaganzas, love adding stuff to my basket then closing the window or emailing it to Mr. H, I came across the Moleskine Recipe Journal. Now this item stayed in my mind while most things I find on Amazon I forget about quite quickly and then one day it came in the mail. Mr. H had bought it and surprised with me with it!!

The hardcover is detailed with various cooking instruments and is really durable which I love since I do not feel nervous having it out in the kitchen while I am cooking like I do with some of my nicer cookbooks.

This is not the best picture since I had to take it with my laptops camera bit you get the idea!

I love how the inside is divided up for type of recipe and then within that category it is tailored for the cooking method and so on. It also came with stickers so you can change the categories to suit your needs, I changed the first course section to soups since I cook way more of those! One other think I love is that each time I make a recipe from here I can add notes or adjustments with ease, I have written in my traditional cookbooks but often feel guilty about it for some reason!

After a year of having it I have added 29 of my own or tweaked recipes to it and would seriously considering it in a fire or earthquake type situation. I love looking through the recipes and remembering when I made them and thinking of how they will be a part of our family for years to come. I also have a silly notion of passing it down one day!

If you love to cook or bake I highly recommend getting one of these!


4 thoughts on “Meals on Monday: Cookbook Love Part 2

  1. That’s an awesome recipe book, I love it! I’m still on the lookout for a (very cute) recipe box for mine, since I prefer recipe cards…maybe I’ll just go on Amazon…no harm, right?

  2. I been collecting for years, so far most are in the computer. When I moved to Idaho in the 70’s Iwas doiing the garden and home canning gig, I started a saving recipes, BUT! when I was married at 16 I collected recipes from Bills family and some I speical recipes I did from my familys traditions… I think the notebook I had all of those in Diane offered to re-do and she has now. I remember we talked about it and this is when we started to do all the scapbook stuff……hope it has not got lost I had some great stuff in there I think about now then…..I know Josh is heavy into chef-in LOL he is a wonderful cook, and puts a great garden together and canning some great foods, and drying lots od spices….think this family has some “cooking DNA” going on LOL ….namaste,oxoxoxox

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