You Can See My Bra and Other Ok Things

So this week It’s Ok:

That you could see my bra straps in my new shirt yesterday

That I went to sleep dreaming about the giant pretzel from the International Food Fair

To plan on buying another pretzel tomorrow for my lunch

To walk around with chipped nail polish

To be moving in less than a month and not have anything packed

To want it to be fall so I can make split pea soup

To buy the tetra pak wines because you get 250 ml more wine for less!

To be beyond happy to have just finished my 50th book of the year!

To support two countries in the Olympics (America and Sweden in case you were confused)


3 thoughts on “You Can See My Bra and Other Ok Things

  1. I am moving soon and also have NOTHING packed! It is totally okay! I usually have chipped polish as well, but when I notice it I bite my nails, so I always have a bottle of polish with me to try to fix the chips.

  2. The wine thing is funny to me, because that would never be “okay” for me in the states. Here it is the norm, but if I were to buy boxed wine in NY I would get laughed at! I love Sweden and its love of boxed wine!

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