Meals on Monday: Cookbook Love

I keep getting these posted on Tuesday but Meals on Monday sounds so nice that it is just going to stay that way!

In other news I am going to start adding the cookbook name if one is attached to the meal of that day.

Lastly without a camera I am going to review cookbooks until I can document our food again to put with recipes!

Sunday – Sweet and Sour Pork – Joy of Cooking

Monday  – Tacos

Tuesday – Taco Salad – Made from leftovers and perfect for a chore filled day

Wednesday – Pork Paprikash – Everyday Food

Thursday – Chicken Jambalya – Joy of Cooking

Friday – Homemade Pizza – I cannot get enough!!

Speaking of pizza check out my guest post over on Jessica Lynn Writes!

See that top shelf it has my lovely collection of 25 cookbooks, which if I could help it it would expand to many many more.

It is hard to pick a favorite but I would have to say the book that everyone who loves to cook should have a copy of is Joy of Cooking. It has been invaluable to me learning how to use ingredients new to me in Sweden and expand my repertoire of recipes.

My aunt recommended it to me saying it is like the text book of cooking and you go to it to learn the basics and then you can expand to your own variations with a solid base. She was totally right and I feel so much more confident is trying out my own variations now and without the fear of wasting food cooking is more fun!

One consequence from using it that makes Mr. H laugh is now I am using the proper words for cooking techniques or sauces and well who knows if I am saying them right but I can make a mean béchamel sauce now!

What is your go to cookbook?


6 thoughts on “Meals on Monday: Cookbook Love

  1. WOW!!!! I do not have but a few ,less than 5 cook books LOL.The store where I shop puts out a book,well magizine of sorts with great recipes and pics… Dan and I love to make them , and of course I pride myself in lower the calorie count by sub /fat free ect. using lots of spices can be a good thing ….. I will send you via Grandma Joan I know she is always sending you good stuff, you know you can let us both know what you need in spices ect. will have fun shopping it down….we are getting a trader Joes bu xmas in medford , and I love to get diff and great things there, we go to TJ’s in Redding it is 100 miles away ….yess we go to the casino while there too!!!! LOL oxoxxoxo

  2. Yummm I will be there Friday for homemade pizza!!!

    We have a ton of cookbooks but mostly due to B’s school, people gave them to us for gifts AND he has his school textbooks that are full of recipes. We have our own shelf for them!

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