Being Aware for Smart Choices

As you saw from yesterday’s post Mr. H and I did some house sitting for his parents this past week. Well house sitting seems silly since his 18 yr old sister was still at home but she worked most the time and I think everyone felt better with us around.

It was nice though because Mr. H and I always talk about the future and where we see ourselves after he finishes nursing school and besides geographically we are never sure how much we want to change. We honestly like apartment living and as of now neither of us has a huge or small love of gardening or DIY nor do we have picket fence dreams. The thing is at 27 we keep thinking maybe we are just fooling ourselves and really a house is what we need. Well after these past days we are happy with our no home for a long time theory!

I thought maybe we would be in the house all alone and love the space or want to use the backyard yet none of that happened, we stayed close together and only went out back to bemoan the fact that there were creepy flying ant things. Then we discussed in detail how nice it is to not ever have to worry about creepy flying ant things.

Wednesday night was the real clincher though when all the fire alarms in the house decided to go off at midnight for no reason. So the dog went crazy, also something we confirmed we are not ready for, then the neighbor came over to make sure we were not in flames I guess, and then his sister freaked and called her parents in Austria.

After about 20 minutes of going up and down stairs and taking various batteries out while wearing ear protector headphone things it stopped. Now at home I really happy with our one fire alarm!

The couple of days there though really put everything into perspective for us though and it felt good to have a more aware sense of why we are making the choices we are right now.

Right now we are happy just the two of us in an apartment and there is going to be no more feeling guilty about it!


3 thoughts on “Being Aware for Smart Choices

  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS apartment living is good……I live in a great place…they fix it all , and very quick to reply my needs…..I think about having a home ,it dose have it’s perks. I love color and I would love to beable to paint… and grow a garden. But the freedom to just go and play at a whim is a wonderful perk for apartment living . I have NO Critters but my nieghbors do and I can pet and love them and be on my way.if I could aford it I would have a home soooooooooooo big I would have live in people to do the scut work …..even someone to take care of the garden (like Martha Stewart has) LOLROMA….lv u

  2. I am so with you, sometimes it’s easy to wonder “should I want this?” when everyone is doing something. Home ownership blows, I’ve been there and am sadly still there cause guess what, a house is harder to get rid of than bedbugs. Well ours at least. UGH. Smart move chica. Hold off til it’s 100% right (IF it ever is!) I wish we did!

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