I Need Eye Cream and Other Ok Things

So this week It’s Ok:

To bring home a self made goodie bag after house sitting for my in laws

To never want to house sit for them again

To sleep with nine pillows between two people

To not want to go to the beach even though it is sunny

To buy some new shirts in the Forever 21 bogo sale even though we have to pay double rent in August

To only shave the part of my leg visible in my capri’s

To ignore what Mr. H said last week about rice and make Spanish rice for dinner (which he ended up loving)

To be happy that Mr. H’s baby fever went away (dog and house sitting wore him out)

To need eye cream after the lack of sleep this week

To plan a fattening dinner for Friday night while also saying we are not buying chips or candy when we shop tomorrow

To listen to a really old MIA album and want to go out and dance like a crazy drunk girl

To post this really creepy picture on Tumblr since it is the first real french braid you have ever done


2 thoughts on “I Need Eye Cream and Other Ok Things

  1. LOL I looove your It’s Ok Thursday! I wish we could go get drinks and go over our weeks together, if you were in Orlando we would definitely be besties!!! Love Kelly whose legs are currently 1/3 shaved due to capri wearing.

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