Meals On Monday’s: My Favorites

We have boring circumstances this week leading to no meal plan yesterday so today I thought I would share some pictures of my favorite things to eat lately!

My first homemade lasagna. I just made it and I am sure I should wait a few months to make another but I am counting down the days! I used my ragu recipe and a basic béchamel with parmesan sprinkled between the layers making it way cheaper then one with ricotta.

Ok so I now this is not like a proper meal but it really is one of my favorite meals to eat. Also it took almost 4 years but I have convinced that fresh bread, good cheese, and some sausage really can be lunch! On this day I added a small tomato and red onion salad and while filling our stomachs it also brightened up the week. I highly suggest having a meal like this soon!

Rice pilaf, as pictured in the right of this picture, I grew up eating it all the time and this is my take on it. I have taken out the noodle pieces and added parsley. I love this so much I have been known to eat my portion and then some of Mr. H’s as well!

I am sure we have all seen taquito recipes on Pinterest and I have totally fallen for them. My mom always made them as a kid but fried them and I am just not into frying finding a baked recipe was great for me. I have tried a few variations just this week using a sweet chili cream cheese mixed in the the chicken but they are great since we always seem the have the ingredients around!

Lastly is homemade pizza, while I love Swedish pizza there is something about pepperoni and mozzarella that just makes me happy!


3 thoughts on “Meals On Monday’s: My Favorites

  1. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy I am feeling so “hunery” thats what my kids would “hunery”……you are a wonderful cook; sweet Balie….I am fixing a whole chicken on the rotisserie, bath in olive oil, rubbed down in galic power and spanish hot smoked paprika.
    will serve with raw veggie salad and mixed greens/ mediterranean Italian dressing.

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