Sunday Sound Off – Late July Edition

I was looking back and it seems I have not done one of these for ages!

1. On Friday night we celebrated my sister in law’s 18th birthday, legal drinking age in Sweden, and it was so fun to watch her drink wine and try and contain her glee in being able to do it in front of family! We got her a mini bottle of wine and a mini bottle of cava along with a luggage tag from Cath Kidtson which she promptly stashed away.

2. Speaking of Cath Kidston I am totally obsessed with her stuff. When we are in Manchester I got the cutest tea towels on special and now I want basically all of the website!

3. We are now a month away from moving and I am slowly feeling a huge sense of dread at packing. I am fine with the books and what not it is the china that scares the dickens out of me, all those little tea cup handles seem they are mocking me in the china cabinet.

4. Mr. H’s dad brought us some beer they bought when they went to Germany and we were all excited to have free beer and how it would last so long. Well we drank it in two weeks! Yes we drank 48 cans of Carlsberg in 2 weeks!!!!! I blame it on the nice weather we have been having and my birthday. I also am fine if I do not have a Carlsberg for a long time!

5. I still have not found my camera charger so it looks like we are going to have to order a new one but I am bummed since it will not be a proper canon one but I guess it is better then nothing and I am getting itchy with no new pictures!


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