Mr. H and His New Ink

On Monday Mr. H went under the needle again for some new ink. I think he secretly got it now to avoid any beach trips which he hates but I am still going to make him come and just sit in the shade while I get tan!

In addition to getting a new tattoo he also got his last two, the sparrows, touched up. Since he was all bloody like he was sequestered to the couch covered in towels and blankets with a washcloth for any run away blood.

Close up of the new piece, we decided the snake reminds us of Kaa from Jungle Book (the Disney version).

This is the point where I decided to do a full on photo shoot and was posing him, it lasted all of two pictures but I love it!


5 thoughts on “Mr. H and His New Ink

  1. HAHA I love the photoshoot! And the tatts! B has one and I LOVE it and wish he’d get more. The sparrows are my fave… everything looks awesome!

  2. I love Tats…… I have plans to get some stars put on the tops of my feet…….most likly in the winter , I have to interview the artist….. and hope he or she has a soft touch, the top of the feet are welll Ochie!!!!!!!! lv G.Auntie

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