Beyond Death and Taxes

We have all heard the saying that the only sure thing in life are death and taxes right?

Well I was thinking this morning that over the course of my 27 years and living in a few places I have found some other things that are just inevitable and I am sure are happening to people all over!

Dirty Dishes – As a kid my mom was always complaining about all the dishes and now I feel as if ours are genetically mutating in the kitchen to cover all surfaces while I sleep!

Periods – They will always come when you have something fun to do, like this weekend we are having a dinner party and surprise surprise I will be on my period!!

Tampons – Ok so this ones goes along with periods but I always seem to be out when I need them and am doing that awkward walk to the store with my legs held real tight together as if that will help!

Good Hair – Your hair will only look its best if you have no plans and are sitting around desperately trying to find something to do! If you have plans though you can just expect your hair to look like your finger and the light socket were on a date!

Shopping – If you have no money you will find the cutest outfit ever but say if you have a gift card everything in your size will be sold out or plain old fugly!

Laundry – Along with dishes dirty laundry never ever stops and even when it seems done for a moment there are socks lurking under the couch!

Mother-in-laws – No matter which country they hail from they will possess a special skill to drive you crazy for no real reason, even now I am trying to think of a specific example for mine but nothing huge comes to mind just a bunch of little things that add to a big annoyance!

Chocolate – It is totally true and ok with me that no matter where you are that a piece of chocolate on a crappy day is ooooo ooooo soooo good!

What do you think are life’s inevitabilities?


9 thoughts on “Beyond Death and Taxes

  1. Yesssssssssssss and as you grow older guess what there’s more yeah!!!!! must be human thang!!!! LOL thanks for a trip down memory lane …..happy 4th ,this will be the first time in my life I won’t be eating a hot dog and potatoe salad, with beer from the Ice chest hahahah.

  2. Amen, amen. Although I didn’t have the tampon problem for a while. My mom sent me a whole box or two a month in college care packages and I thought I’d have enough to last til menopause! When I ran out a few years ago I had forgotten how to buy tampons, LOL. And the mother in law thing…. uggggggggggggggggh. Don’t. Get. Me. Started.

    • I would totally be stoked for a care package of tampons they are just a pain to buy and still at a week away from 27 I feel awkward checking out with them and always add something else to deter from the awkwardness!

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