Last Friday of June Thoughts

– When I used to work I would drink coffee all the time, especially to get me going in the morning but now if I drink it I feel fuzzy the rest of the day. It is weird though because I drink copious amounts of tea and it does not effect me at all.

– I went to fika,basically a Swedish word for hot drinks and cakes while chatting, today with a friend and I thought she might start crying about our upcoming move. Then when I took the bus home I started to get sad as well and really started thinking about how when we move Mr. H and I will only know each other in our new town. I hope that in his nursing program there are nice people who want to be our friends!

– So I am normally a beer drinker but lately I have been wanting wine, I guess it is the weather but something about a cool glass of white wine in a summer evening feels perfect.

– Most books I read are because they have it in English at the library, really you cannot be too picky when you are going to a library in Sweden about the books offered in English. So because of that I have gotten really into this slightly silly YA series called House of Night. So far I have read the first three books and today started the fourth and am 187 pages in! I also have the next 5 sitting on the shelf to read!!!! So maybe I am more like obsessed with the series!

– Last night we had my sister in law over for dinner and she is about to turn 18 and I loved hearing her talk about her summer job and how excited she is about her birthday. Hers is just three days after mine and I wish I had that much enthusiasm for turning 27 and now I am thinking I might need to jazz up mine a little more.

– Now I am off to eat leftover pasta salad out of the bowl for my crazy at home alone Friday night!!!


6 thoughts on “Last Friday of June Thoughts

  1. At least at 27, I think you can still say mid-twenties…. now I’m 28, I cannot escape the whole late twenties thing….. damn it ;-)

    Enjoy your books, and enjoy your wine…. I hope the move goes well, I am sure it will do x

  2. I just finished a series for the younger crowd by Suzanne Collins…. Gregor in the Underland. Kinda strange, but I really liked them. Do you have an e-reader or an app on your iPad to read books or are you a traditionalist page turner? I’ve thought about maybe investing in an e-reader, but there’s just something about holding the book in my hands. Your thoughts?

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