A Year of Swedish Life

A year ago Mr. H and I loaded up all of our stuff and headed for the airport.

It is hard to put into words what this past year living in Sweden has been but I know for sure it has been the biggest and rewarding challenge thus far in my life.

Leaving all that you have known and worked at behind for a giant unknown is not something that can be put in neat little columns for me.

The rewards of finding who you are as an adult and how amazing your marriage is when pushed to the limits is also not easy to wax on about for me.

I was reading what I wrote last June and am happy that much of the anxiety of leaving home is gone but now replaced with normal day to day life issues like where will we live in August….. o what that is not normal every day life worries either but after this last year it is a worry I can conquer head on.

This past year we have celebrated my 26th birthday, our one year wedding anniversary, Mr. H’s 27th birthday alongside a two person Thanksgiving, a Swedish and American style Christmas, an Easter with family from home, and so many other little things that make life the great joy it is.

Once again I am not sure what this next year will hold but I am looking bravely to the future with Mr. H at my side that we will come out happy and contented once again.


8 thoughts on “A Year of Swedish Life

  1. Balie , Balie, what a wonderful and empowering woman you are….by your ownself and now sharing with another powerful male sounds like a perfect balance to me. I have moved around so much in my life since birth …..in and out of peoples llives and strange places finding new friends and leaving family behind…. so far away from home, very lonely at times ……..I think you are a very strong woman and with Mr H you are safe. I have slept in my car and hotels by myself….. going down the freeways ,gettiing lost from one state to the next. I was on my own with no home and all my stuff in storage for a year. Great experinece I made it and I am safe …….Alaska is the f urtherst I have been from Family.remember you are only a phone call away from those who love you , I think this kept me feeling safe……thank you for sharing this blog with me oxoxox G.Auntie Charlene

  2. …congrats on your 1 year anniversary! It’s amazing what paths we can take our lives…when we are open to a new adventure! Can’t wait to hear about your new adventures in Sweden this coming year…especially with finding a NEW place to live! Its been awesome reading your stories… keep them coming! Sarah

  3. You took a huge leap a year ago!!!!!! It’s something that not everyone has the courage to do. Even just moving away anywhere does. Another country is a whole different ball game. So proud of you and happy you’ve had an adventure-filled year!

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