Manchester 2012: The Food

Time to talk about the thing I obsess the most about before a trip…!

I am always afraid of not being prepared and having a bad meal that brings down the trip or being forced to eat at McDonalds since we do not know where anything else is.

I know most of my issue with this is all the road trips I took with my grandparents where we I would be starving and my grandpa would drive past for what seemed like hours trying to find the perfect place and then we would eventually end up at the place we passed first. Also Mr. H has a medical issue where waiting and searching for food is just not an option so being prepared is my motto!

At the Holiday Inn we stayed free breakfast was included and it definitely went beyond a bagel and some yogurt like you find at most American hotels! Mr. H was stoked since he loves a full English breakfast and piled his plate with beans, eggs, sausages, toast and bacon. I on the other hand was not that hungry and well honestly wanted to go to Starbucks for a venti vanilla latte since I cannot get them at home so I had two lonely sausages on my plate!

Wagamama’s is one of me and Mr. H’s favorite restaurants, we even have the cookbook, and we never pass up the chance to eat at one. I ordered the Katsu Curry, pictured on the top right, since I know I like it and I never make it at home. Well Mr. H was intrigued by a menu item called Firecracker, pictured bottom left, and when the waitress came she warned it was hot but in that cocky voice guys love to us he replied that “he just looooooves spicy food so it would be fine”.

It was sooooooooooo not fine, it was so spicy his lips were turning red and he was starting to sweat and needless to say I was laughing my and kept going “not it is fine I love spicy food”. In the bottom right picture you can see him trying to squelch the heat with a beer and this is where I decided to get cocky. I pulled his plate over and after three bites had to give up it was so damn spicy!!!

On our second night we were exhausted from all the sightseeing and Mr. H’s belly was still a little tender from the spicy lunch so we decided pizza sounded awesome. We had seen a Pizza Express close to our hotel so we set out for it and after about a 3 minute walk I realized we were in front of a pizza place that was packed. I figured a packed restaurant on Thursday night was a good sign so we decided to eat there instead.

They had a pizza menu that was long and I could not decide between a goat cheese pizza and a classic pepperoni pizza so when the waitress came I asked her which she thought was best. Her answer was that combining them would be best and that was on offer I could just not refuse! The pizza came out amazing and we were both so happy it was such a short walk from our hotel. It was funny though because the next day Mr. H was saying how good it was and called the restaurant “Doug” and I was like uhhhhh it was called Dough like pizza dough and he started laughing and said he thought it was weird it had been called “Doug”!

On Friday night we met up with friends in Kendall, and went to the most charming pub called The Strickland Arms. The food was so warm and hearty and delicious to the point of I was alone I would have licked the plate clean! Mr. H and I both had the bangers and mash and were so pleased with our meal we went back Saturday night for more!

The town we live in is lacking majorly in sushi restaurants and so that was on our list of must eats in Manchester and I knew of this place from living in London so it was on our to do list. It was the first time I ever ate at a conveyor belt place and while it was fun I am not sure if I would do it all the time and Mr. H was not as into as me since once he decided he wanted to actually eat something it was long gone! What I did like though was in addition to the sushi rolls they had noodle and rice dishes that were like appetizer size so you could try different things so I had two types of gyoza, prawn curry, chicken lo mein and miso soup without being overly full.

The last big meal we had is going to get its own post since it was so special to us!

What are your thoughts on vacation eating?


5 thoughts on “Manchester 2012: The Food

  1. I love to go on road trips, and try new places to eat . When in a new place I have never been before, I start out shopping and ask wheres a good place to eat ….and what is the most favorite spot in town ,ask the locals I say! Dan and I love to go to the coast, Cresent City CA. there is a sea food place called the Chart House, our favorite spot great view right on the ocean,very quaint. and we hit the casinos and thrift stores, and we have the same addition as you wonderful grandparents “Wall Mart ” shoppers yep we breake for “Wall Worlds” too! Medfor has gone crazy with Wall Marts…we have to spend the night to see them all …I think Wall Marts are and Old peoples Disney world. hugs to you and MrH.

  2. I love a good English breakfast. When I was in Ireland, I had it all the time. But, I do still love me a traditional bowl of cereal and milk too! Great pictures. The two of you seem super fun!

  3. Great blog! Being a Canadian expat in the UK, I enjoy reading your posts. I gotta ask…where did you get that scarf in the Yo! Sushi picture?? I’ve been coveting it since first seeing it.

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