Manchester 2012: The Beginning

We live a two hour train ride from the nearest international airport so here we are waiting for the first leg of our trip, the 10 minute bus ride to the station. It is only about a mile and a half from our place but dragging a suitcase down cobblestone streets is not my idea of fun in the morning!

I also laughed at us when I looked down at the bus stop and Mr. H and I were both traveling in red shoes!

I love a good bun and for traveling I have always found it perfect since as long as you hair spray the hell out of it when you get to your destination it will be in place and ready for some sight seeing.

Well this time I had gotten a little carried away with how high on my head I had put it and when we were in the train I tried to put my headphones on and they would not stay since the bun was where the strap thing should go over my head!

I had to trade headphones with Mr. H and wear them so they were slightly tilted and way to close to my forehead which was embarrassing for sure!

Before our trip I told Mr. H to be prepared for extensive picture taking as I wanted to really remember what we did and capture what felt like our first vacation in ages. So only a few hours into our trip I was insisting on documenting lunch and was greeted by this face. I responded if he is going to smile like that for the camera I am going to blog it! Well it did not deter him so here is my husband in all his vacation and beer induced excitement!

After this he had me take a picture making a similar face but since it is my blog and I say what goes that is staying off of here!!

Since we were flying with easyJet were at the very very end of the airport which I was none to happy about when we were walking to it but once we got there I felt like I was in a modern art museum so I thought it was worth it.

A mere five or so hours after we left our house we were situated in our hotel in Manchester. We stayed at The Holiday Inn City Centre Men Arena, long ass name hotel, which was in a great location and was super clean with a shower that had good water pressure. Those three things will put a hotel on my good list and added to that we had these great views looking out over the city.

The rest of the day was spent wandering aimlessly then seeing as how we are oldies we made our way to our room for….

Yep our hotel was surrounding by bars and pubs but we opted for getting comfy and having beers and snacks in our hotel room!

Do not worry though we made up for it the next day!!


One thought on “Manchester 2012: The Beginning

  1. whoop whoop, wonderful PIC’s what a great time……getting ready after my BIG move from AZ to CA. Dan and I are going to the coast for a Firemans reunion….and hit oour favorite spots…….oxoxoxo Great Auntie Charlene

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