Meals on Monday – Chefs Salad

It has been ages since I have done a Meals on Monday post, for some reason with summer and the warmer weather I was finding it hard to plan which was resulting in some lack luster meals around here. So I finally forced myself to sit down and do some planning and now I am actually excited for dinner this week!

Sunday – Chefs Salad – see info below!

Monday – Mac n’ Cheese and ¬†Kassler (smoked ham)

Tuesday – Flintastek (a marinated summer pork steak popular in Sweden) coleslaw and rice

Wednesday – Kabobs with cucumber, tomato, pita bread, and yogurt feta dip

Thursday – Grilled Chicken Breast with Penne in Fresh Pesto

Friday – Pizza or Hamburgers we will see what we are in the mood for!


I have been in the mood for a giant restaurant style salad for awhile but I find it hard to convince Mr. H we are having salad for dinner. So I thought about it and figured if I put a word in front of salad and had lots of topping I would be good to go.

And it worked even though he asked me numerous times throughout the day what exactly a chefs salad was when it came time to eat he was happy and so was I!

Also making this salad lets me give into my desire to use multiple dishes and little individual dressing pitchers!!

What I Used:

Lettuce – Totally obvious huh but I would have used romaine if I could but when I was at the market all they had was Iceberg



Blue Cheese – I bought a triangle of it, put it in the bowl then smashed with a spoon so there were some big chunks for me and then smaller ones for Mr. H, this is also cheaper and fresher tasting then buying pre crumbled

Kassler (smoked ham) – I used this since I had a giant one in the freezer and I knew I could use the leftovers for different stuff in the week. I think I would prefer chicken or turkey next time though or even some really well seasoned mince

Bacon – I hate crumbling bacon post cooking so what I do is take it and cut it into pieces with my kitchen scissors and then separate them and cook it that way which I find easier and less messy

Red Onion – I cut it so they were in strips rather then little squares that never get on your fork!

The Dressing:

Plain Yogurt

Feta Cheese – to taste

Pepper – to taste

2 garlic cloves

1/4 Ranch Season Packet

Blended up in food processor

I have been making this or a slight variation of it for a few weeks and then using it on anything that needs a little pick me!

What do you think I should add next time to make the salad even better?


12 thoughts on “Meals on Monday – Chefs Salad

  1. This is awesome! I’m a big romaine fan too. Do you guys have a grill there? If you can find romaine heads, remove just the outer leaves and next time you grill, stick it on there! Grilled romaine is my FAVE- top with cubes of mozzarella or feta/goat cheese, a yogurt-based dressing, and cherry tomatoes. The best!

  2. It looks good! There are so many things that fits in a salad: chorizo (or some other spicy sausage, there are so many kinds now) in pieces, any kind of olives, corn, sunflower seeds, sunflower sprouts, basically all kinds of cheese, walnuts (to go with blue cheese!), some fruit (like apple slices or strawberries) tastes really good in a salad, celery (spelling?), shredded carrot, fresh mushrooms, prosciutto, marinated hearts of artichoke, and fresh herbs! Now I’m hungry,

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