Randoms that Make Me Smile

In Sweden you cannot get a pitcher of beer.

Yes you read that right you have to go up and buy each beer so when my mom asked if I wanted to share a pitcher when I was in California I could not say yes fast enough. We were having lunch too I should point out!!

I got to see so many friends in California but for some reason I only have a picture of me and my old roommate. We have known each other for like 18 years or something like that and it was sad to just have one afternoon with her but it was better then nothing.

Ok another beer one but I love me some Sam Adams and we do not get all these good varieties over here.

Ok so this picture looks a little odd but seriously these potato balls are amazing! We normally just get crinkly cut frozen fries to have for emergencies but Mr. H got this instead and o my holy lord these were amazing!!!


7 thoughts on “Randoms that Make Me Smile

  1. “In Sweden you cannot get a pitcher of beer.” That’s not true, there are plenty of places where you can buy pitchers of beer, but perhaps not in your town. Which is not the same as the whole of Sweden.

    But it’s true they are not as common/popular as in the US. No wonder –
    the beer risks getting warm and losing too much of it’s carbon dioxide before it’s finished, it’s usually more convenient to buy your own glass.

    But to each their own, go to a larger city and you can buy pitchers!

  2. I also love beer and those balls. At systembolaget i have seen they have Sam Adams Boston lager and one called Sam Adams dark lager or black lager, the dark one is very good the other i kinda forgot since it was a long time i drank it, but it was not one of the negative memories at least. As a beer lover i would love to try a box like that one the picture, even if cherry wheat sounds kinda scary haha. Still would be fun to try, the other ones sounds great.

    At systembolaget you can order just about any alcoholic beverage from around the world as “private import” through them, but you have to buy whole cases (20-ish packs of beer) and maybe there are some extra expenses as well. I have never done it it seems kind of expensive and difficult. But maybe it would be worth to import a variety pack like that on the picture? It seems like they could count it as a “case” on Systembolaget depending on how many bottles it is in it. I dunno. You could talk to them, ask what it would cost and if it would be possible.

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