My Very Embarrassing but Real Problem: Part 2

Ok so blogging about my messy closet was just the motivation I needed! I spent at least an hour yesterday working hard in the bedroom.

First I had to take all the crap that was on the closet floor and organize it into piles on the bed. There were clothes that I honestly forgot I owned down there!!

Then I cleaned out the drawers, located in between mine and Mr. H’s closets, and put all the winter accesorries in Space Bags to be stored under our bed.

We have so many beanies, scarves, and gloves that it left me with two free drawers after they were packed away. I put my pj and house shirts, ones that are stained or to old to wear out but perfect for at home days, in one drawer and my pj and yoga bottoms in another.

Then I sorted everything by type, I did not have it in by this time to also do it by color but maybe today (hahahaha).

Finally the picture that will keep me motivated!!

You can actually see the floor!!!!


8 thoughts on “My Very Embarrassing but Real Problem: Part 2

  1. So funny because I spent two days on my closet last week- it was such a MESS! Made me so happy once it was organized! Feels so much better now. I wish I took a before photo because I love the way it looks now but its only impressive if you saw it “before” Great job!!

  2. Did you bring those cool vacuum bags with you from America or did you buy them in Sweden? I have only seen such things on tv. They seem to be quite clever and useful.

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