My Embarrassing but Very Real Problem

In our house I am in charge of all the laundry duties which I love but recently I have found I am having a serious problem. Luckily I have been able to hid it but soon our apartment is going to be inspected for our move out and it would be very embarrassing to have it found out.

This is the state of Mr. H’s closet.

See how nice and organized it is by type and then even color, that is all my doing and you can see the closet floor.

Well this is my closet.

Yep it looks like a 17 yr olds bedroom. I do not know why but I just cannot get myself to sort it out and even if I do within a week it is back to this disaster.

This is a close up of the bottom and unlike Mr. H’s there is no floor to be seen. You can see though tank tops, yoga pants, jeans, pj bottoms, and shorts which honestly could at least be in stacks!

My goal for tonight is to clean it up and have an after picture for you tomorrow. I am also hoping that in airing out my clean laundry as it is will help keep me in check!!


7 thoughts on “My Embarrassing but Very Real Problem

  1. OH gf, that closet is NOTHING compared to the constant state of disaster that mine is in. And the thing is…I’m a neat person! I don’t know what my problem is and I always have the best intentions of keeping it clean after I tidy up…but never does it happen. I’m with you!

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