Our Current Situation

Mr. H applied to school in mid March and will not find out if he is accepted until July which would not be such a big deal if the school was not ten hours away via train.

So fine we have to move also not that big of a deal except for the scenario we are currently living in that is starting to stress me out just a bit.

The apartment we are currently sub-letting requires us to give three months notice as is common in all of Sweden, so Mr. H has contacted the girl we will be moving in August. Due to the fact that you give three months notice means you arrange a place to live that far in advance as well. Knowing all this Mr. H contacted the student housing for the college he applied too and was able to find us a great one bedroom apartment that is larger then our current one now available starting in August so we would have some overlap to move but the apartment is conditional on him getting into the school.

So now we have to basically just wait till July to find out if we will be homeless come the end of August.

So yeah I am just a little stressed!!

This is the floor plan for the apartment we will get to live in if all goes according to plan. I love the layout and it is about 750 square feet which is not bad at all!

The squares with G in them are smaller closets but I am not sure what the L in the walk in closet is but I am hoping something good! :)

So if you do not mind sending out a few good thoughts so we will not soon be homeless that would be great!


6 thoughts on “Our Current Situation

  1. G stands for garderob, closet. L stands for lådor, drawers. So there will most likely be some kind of closet with drawers inside the walk-in-closet.

    Also SK is short for skafferi, pantry. KF is for kyl/frys, fridge and freezer. ST is städskåp, “cleaning closet”, a place for your cleaning stuff.

    Looks nice!

  2. Looks super cute! That is a crazy stressful situation. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and hope for the best. Sending happy and calming thoughts your way!

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